100% natural Products croix Swiss Handmade

Who are we ?

The laboratoires Scientia Natura are specialized in the manufacture of 100% natural products.

Our production plant is located on the shores of Léman Lake and our methods are homemade. Our recipes are old manufacturing guarantee of our commitment to the traditional and natural soap.

  • 100% natural ingredients

    We are committed to use ingredients 100% natural and organic. We are committed not to use palm oil or its derivatives in the production and formulation of our products. We make ourselves surfactants of our products which allows us to be 100% independent of the chemical industry.

  • Short circuit distribution

    More than a time commitment, seasonal marketing is the foundation of our society. Our bottles, our oil, our machines, our suppliers are located less than 800 km from our plant.

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    All our product are certified or can be certified. We are committed to Nature and Progress. These three pillars are the foundations of Laboratoires Scientia Natura. We apply this conduct on our finished products but also on our contract manufacturing production.